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Senior High Class

Join us at 9:30 every Sunday in the Youth Room! DCE intern Aurora Bostwick leads the senior high youth through the Old Testament Heros\’ accounts of Judges and Kings. All students going into 9th grade and up are welcome to come! All friends are more than welcome and encouraged.

Junior High Class

Join us at 9:30 every Sunday in the Junior High Room 213! David Meeks leads the junior high students on the same accounts of the Old Testaments Judges and Kings Hero\’s but in a style that is all his own and perfect for the students. Friends are always welcome and wanted in class.



Every Wednesday night starting at 6:00 pm and going until about 7:30 pm senior high students gather at the church for fellowship, fun, and growing their faith. Each evening starts out with an activity or game, depending on weather, and then goes into the youth room for a group bible study. Both the activity and the bible study is led by the Director of Christian Education Intern, Aurora Bostwick. This is an awesome opportunity to meet the other youth in the church and to invite a friend to come along and enjoy the evening.


2017 Youth Mission Trip, San Diego CA
July 14th-23rd, 2017. We will be packing up at taking the two day van drive to sunny San Diego, California. Working with Group Work camps for Week of Hope and spend 5 days serving the local community. Cost is approximately $700 per person and a $50 down payment will be due October 16th. For more information you can visit or email Director of Christian Education intern, Aurora Bostwick, at


2016 Confirmation starts Wednesday, September 7th. Class will run from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. There is a Together meal prior from 4:45pm until 5:45pm.
First Year students will receive a copy of the Faith Alive Bible on the first night, and to bringing a notebook/folder with paper is encouraged.

Second Year Students will need to bring in addition to their bible, Luther\’s Small Catechism with explanation, as well as a notebook/folder with paper. Luther\’s Small Catechisms are available for purchase in the Holy Cross office for $12.00
Class Registration is available below.

*Note that Registration, Activity Participation AND Medical Release forms must all be filled out prior to class. All forms can be emailed to the Director of Christian Education Intern, Aurora Bostwick, at or brought to the church office.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I strongly believe in the importance of youth seeing their parents/guardians as well as others involved in the youth ministries. When parents get involved it shows that they encourage and care about the youth ministries as well as the students that participate. When adults are involved it also allows for intergenerational connections and relations; healthy and positive mentorships for youth are few and far between these days and Holy Cross has so many phenomenal adult leaders that the youth could really benefit from. I would love for you as a parent or guardian to get involved whether small or large, however, I do understand that sometimes teens would hate nothing more than their parents to \’invade\’ their lives, because of this I believe that talking with your youth(s) prior to signing up for an activity is always a positive thing. If there is anything I can do to for you and your family or if you have any questions to be answered I am always happy to help, I am just an email away! God bless!

Aurora Bostwick
Director of Christian Education Intern


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2016 - 2017 Confirmation Schedule

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